Monday, May 02, 2005

Warhorsing Around

Between rotten weather and a series of headaches that left me weak and drained, this weekend was more or less a wash. Took it easy, managed to get a bit of enjoyment out of some low-stress, non-social pursuits, meditated a lot and ate well.

Sunday evening, the sky and my brain cleared up enough for a trip to one of my favorite places around Boston - Revere Beach. Pavel was game for the drive, so no having to deal with the Blue Line. We wandered up and down the beach a bit, watched the tide start rolling in, then decided to go foraging for ice cream. Since it's still off-season, none of the shoreside places were open. As a result, we ended up back in Cambridge chez Christina. With three minutes to spare before closing, we ordered quickly (Me: ginger and sweet cream. Pavel: chocolate mousse and cinnamon.) and headed out to find a bench. After we finished our treats and got tired of hipster-and-slumming-yuppie-watching we set out for home.

Getting home is never really straightforward, as I love Pavel's car too much: a lovely little white civic from the mid-nineties that I've christened Speed Racer. Speed Racer has a sunroof/moonroof and a wonderful rock'em-sock'em sort of stereo system. Usually he's cranking the likes of Laura Ingraham on it, but since I don't much care for talk radio, we get a musical soundtrack for our jaunts. Yesterday, ringing in Harvard's annual Sacre du Printemps was a real crowd-pleaser: the Warhorse Orgy. At some point after 10:00 pm, they played Liszt's second Hungarian Rhapsody. Serendipity being what it is, we found ourselves at that absurd Powderhouse Rotary, so just spun around and around, moonroof and windows fully open, radio going full blast, having the time of our lives.

The Liszt piece having ended, we decided to head for the (seven) hills. Pavel picked up his books and compost. I went straight to bed, giddy but exhausted from my beachy time, tum full of ice cream and whirling dervish-ride home.

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