Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sunday, since the weather still seemed to be holding up, we decided to go to the Arnold Arboretum and the Franklin Park Zoo.
The zoo on Memorial Day was quite an experience. I don't know what was more interesting - the animals (or lack thereof, Franklin Park's one of the sadder zoos I've been to) or the children running amok. When I saw Althouse's post on parents' notions of cuteness. (Personally, I wish one of the kids actually did get a hold of a peacock's tailfeather just so they'd learn what the peacock would do to defend itself.)

Children "expressing themselves" aside, there were a few highlights: seeing red kangaroos mating, discovering the tree kangaroos, listening to the lions' roars reverberate throughout the park.

After the zoo, we happened upon Forest Hills cemetery, one of two Victorian-era "garden" cemeteries in the Boston Area (the other being Mt Auburn). One could ostensibly make the argument that Forest Hills is the Pere Lachaise of Boston, given the impressive roll call of famous dead people currently residing there. We figured we'd go and pay a visit to ee cummings and Anne Sexton who were buried there. Perhaps also hip Jacob Wirth as to what had become of his famous former German restaurant (now turned bistro). Didn't find them (can't, really, this isn't Paris - it's New England, so there is no grafitti on the surrounding headstones to signal your approaching the remains of note), but did enjoy a wander through a quiet, peaceful site designed as a beautiful final resting place for some, a wonderful area of contemplation for others. I hope that some images come out of this place as it was magnificent.

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