Thursday, May 19, 2005

Artistic Temperament?

Speaking as a person from an artistic background and who's been dealing with depression for most of her life, I can tell you that I can see nothing particularly romantic or dashing about mental illness (Just as I cannot understand the romanticization of drug use or suicide). I've never viewed myself as a tragic, gothic heroine. Have never once thought that suffering through what I have has been beneficial towards my creativity or musicianship - in fact, I can prettymuch argue that my mental state at the time did more to sabotage my creative career than anything else.

It was a nice validation to read this appreciation of Frank Conroy in yesterday's Opinionjournal. It also was a good reminder for me of why I put up with an often tendentious relationship with my workplace (a mental health agency with a number of well-developed and reknowned art therapy programs).

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