Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Sweet Scent Of...

I'm not a perfume fan, but do love flower oils. Found this little recipe in a magazine recently, so decided to try it out - very nice. So far, I have a rose perfume and a lavender one.

Homemade Solid Perfume

1T Jojoba oil (found this at the local co-op.)

20 drops of your favorite scent (I get mine - straight rose - at the local co-op. I'm sure that the local Whole Foods or Wild Oats might have essential oils as well.)

3/4 tsp grated beeswax (found at most crafts stores)

Pour the jojoba oil into a small bowl. Add the 20 drops of scent, then melt the beeswax into a small metal bowl over very low heat (try tht burner of a coffeemaker). Remove from heat, add the scent, return to heat for five seconds and stir to combine. Immediately pour it into a small container (or pillbox). Let set 15 min before using.

-from Real Simple, May 05.

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