Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm really sorry, but these people are thugs, pure and simple.

Nowadays, whenever I hear someone describe themselves as an "activist," I cringe. Whenever I hear the term "direct action," I think of a coat of verbal white wash being applied to some sort of criminal act perpetrated "in the name of [insert cause here]"

Don't get me wrong: I love animals. I don't want to see them suffer, and if someone abuses one, I want to see the abuser punished. However, I will never be associated with a "rights" group that sees itself so morally superior that it resorts to tactics such as harassment, threats to those it considers its enemies, murder, robbery, etc. As far as I'm concerned, the ends almost never justify the means. When people start resorting to crimes like the above (or shooting abortion clinic workers...or rioting at WTO summits...or blowing up school buses full of children) for a cause, they do nothing but sully the cause they are trying to further.


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Simon Kenton said...

For some people it's as if there's a floating quantity of hatred looking to cathexize somthing, someone, anyone. It covers itself in a radiant glow of rhetoric, but it's really looking to impose degradation and death.