Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jo to the rescue!

Mom's Mothers Day gift was mailed off last night thanks to some excellent advice from one of my rare bird good-sense friends. I'd been fretting over what to do for some time: do I send flowers? Get her a gift certificate? Both ideas seemed kind of impersonal, so I procrastinated, figuring I'd find something at the Somerville Open Studios.

Tuesday rolled around, and still nothing. A little panicked, I asked Jo. Her response was that she'd just gotten through mailing a DVD and some Jiffy Pop to her brother for his birthday. Who doesn't like Jiffy Pop?

That evening after work, I took my wander over Twin City, intending to hit the best video store I know of. Turns out the new Shaws had a small video rack and I found just what I needed.

It's hard to buy things for Mom sometimes because our aesthetics don't tend to mesh. I ended up following Jo's movie advice from an earlier consultation and getting the remake of Ocean's Eleven. It's slick, it's fun, it's got no real violence or sex and the language is relatively clean (Not that this is an issue. Where do you think I learned to cuss?). It turns out, too, that Mom saw the original Rat Pack version and enjoyed it a lot. Win-win all around, until Birthday time, anyway.


Nick said...

I went the DVD route myself and got my mom the first two seasons of Magnum PI... which she absolutely loved and just came out.

Be said...

"Magnum PI" is out on DVD? Cool! My mom loves him, too. What'll really be great is when whatever copyright issues get resolved for "Hawaii Five O" and we can get a few more seasons of that. On DVD would be great, too, but at this point, we'll take VHS. (I have all my mom's right now and she asked for them back last night.)

I have her Dirty Harry boxed set, too, but she hasn't asked for that yet.