Sunday, May 08, 2005

Stay in Maine

King rattled off a "top 10" list in which he urged students to hug and kiss whoever helped them get to this point, to read as much as they could and to give away a dime for every dollar they make.

"If you don't, the government is just going to take it for you," said King, who is known for his own generosity to the university. "You're not an owner in this life, you're just a steward."

The last four points of his list were the same: Stay in Maine.

"If you leave, you will miss it, so you might as well skip the going away part," he said.

In Maine's case, since the southern portions are now almost considered to be suburbs of Boston and the property values are skyrocketing on the coast - chances are, if they leave, they might not be able to afford to return home.

In a more general sense: I've travelled a bit, I've gotten out to see the world some. To me, the best thing about a trip is coming home. I'm starting to feel that way about Going Home in a bigger sense, too. Funny how that happens.

Good on King for all the excellent advice. Best wishes to his new crop of co-alumni.

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