Wednesday, May 25, 2005

They can't be serious.

"Gulag" of our time? Come on. To equate the humane treatment of prisoners in wartime with those interned in the gulags in Soviet Russia is prettymuch the height not being serious. I wonder if they're trying at the same thing Newsweek attempted last week.

Charles Johnson has more (can't forget the obligatory swipe at Israel, can we now?).

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Mark Daniels said...

Like you, I thought that the comparison of the facility at Guantanamo with the Gulag was absurd.

There may be problems at Gitmo. But they pale by comparison with the systematic butchery and oppression which the Gulag supported and perpetuated.

If Gitmo is part of something like the Gulag Archipelago, it's a tiny single-island one, hardly worthy of the overwrought indictment meted out by Amnesty International.