Saturday, May 21, 2005

Since I deal in lists for a living, I guess it would stand to reason that I'd use one to sum up my life over the past couple weeks:

# of times we've been up Monadnock by late May in recent years: 3-4

# of times we've climbed Monadnock this year: 0

# of sunny weekends in recent memory: 0 (in all fairness, last Saturday afternoon was nice; I just slept through it because I couldn't sleep during the night.)

# of films viewed over the past three weeks: 9

# of those films being current ones: 0

# of recordings purchased on tower dot com yesterday: 2

# of books on SQL programming purchased over at Amazon: 2

# of radishes picked, washed, brought to work as a treat: 4 dozen

# of insults garnered because the radishes were grown in Somerville: 1 (Poison! It's all a landfill there!)

# of kettles of boiling water poured over the anthill in my front garden patch: 3

# of ants I've seen lately as a result: 0

# of pretty little clematises (jackmanii - the purple one!) rescued from Home Depot for the crazy cost of $4: 1

How much a clematis plant usually sets a girl back if she buys one in a normal garden store: $12-$15

# of colors in the socks I'm knitting my friend across the sea: 5

# of socks completed: 1/2

# of lbs lost in the past week: 3


Enough for now. I've got to get a move on.

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