Thursday, May 05, 2005

Aah, nostalgia.

Do you remember back when language was actually considered a skill to be honed? When Standard Business English was still taught in schools? Maybe I'm dating myself, but I long for my lost youth with its sentence diagrams and Warriners Grammar exercises. For the days when the essays of Orwell and Emerson were required reading in high school. For the time when my old standby, The Elements of Style, was standard issue.

(-che brava, Sissy. Che effing brava.)


Nick said...

You can't be dating yourself too much... even I have a copy of Elements of Style somewhere on my bookshelf. Although anyone who reads my blog would be able to tell you that I haven't in fact opened it in quite some time.

Be said...

I just happened upon a copy of Strunk and White in the music store one day - it was required for a class at New England Conservatory, and we supplied texts for them. Figured it might be a good idea to have a copy, so bought it. It's one of the best investments I've made.