Monday, May 16, 2005

I've seen this little game all over the place, and was fully prepared to ignore it. Nick, however, knowing what a pushover I am when it comes to rainbow-chasing engineer types, tagged me. Here goes:

10 Things I've Never Done:

10. Been to NY City before (Kind of funny, as I'm originally from NY State.)

9. Owned Property

8. Defaced any sort of property, public or private (meaning no graffiti, no toilet papering, no smashing windows, etc)

7. Driven a stick shift (I've not had a car in 17 years. Haven't driven even a rental in three.)

6. Been to third grade

5. Hunted (I have gone fishing before)

4. Been married (or had the desire to be married) or had children (or had the desire to breed)

3. Participated in any extreme sports (skydiving, downhill skiing/snowboarding, etc)

2. Been to jail

1. Slept with anyone for financial or political gain

I'm going to ask this fellow nicely...and maybe this one, too, if they'd like to play.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Ah-ha, a challenge, eh?...alright, I accept...look for my answers later today...