Friday, May 13, 2005

I hate it when I dream about work.

It's like being forced into overtime when I'm salaried.

Last night in my dreams, I got drafted into the corporate chamber ensemble. I wanted to play bassoon, but they forced me to play the flute. Oh, was I aggravated. Never liked the flute, but it was one of only two options afforded me when I was a kid, my mother having assigned genders to instruments. Good worker bee that I am, I agreed, fished around my cubicle for the instrument and began warming up. Soon after, someone stopped by my desk to tell me that the CFO's assistant went walkabout and that I was taking over her job while she was away. Among my duties was laundry.

I remember standing by the wash machine holding one of the CFO's skirts, wondernig whether I should wash it immediately, save it for when other clothes come in or just send it out to be drycleaned. Since there was no hamper, I folded it up and left it on the cabinet. Soonafter, a dress came in. Noting that the hem needed to be fixed, I immediately set to mending it. In order to make sure things fell properly after finishing, I put her dress on and headed over to a mirror to check my work. In doing so, I passed by the boardroom where a meeting was in session and my new boss was giving a presentation. On seeing me in her dress, her eyes went wide and she fell silent. I knew I was in for it. What to do? Right about now, Karlheinz roused me from my not-so-peaceful slumber.


Mentioned my dream to the Controller this morning, who apparently told the Assistant, who in turn shared with the CFO. About 1/2 an hour ago, she found me and affirmed that she would never force me to do her laundry. I told her that I didn't think that that was part of the job and that I couldn't figure out why I'd dream that. She made the excellent point that, for the first time in my tenure here, I had a meeting with her. That must have been working in my brain.

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