Saturday, May 07, 2005

And all should cry "beware, beware: her flashing eyes, her floating hair..."

We're going on rotten weekend number three: cold, wet, blustery. I was woken up by the wind whipping around the house. My toes were cold, I had two cats clinging to me for warmth. Put on some sweats, then padded out to start the water pour mon café matinal. After the animals got their breakfast, I started tending to the seedlings I was hoping to either plant or set out a bit to harden. The wind whipped up some more - even louder than the kettle's rattling. Brewed the coffee; opened the side door to get a notion as to how bad it was out. Not so bad as a nor'easter, but still pretty strong. Wet and c-c-cold, too. I'm not used to them being so cutting this late in the year. I guess that this is how we pay for the relatively mild winter.

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