Friday, May 06, 2005

Richard Lawrence Cohen has a conversation with his imaginary blogfriend.

I love it! I also find it interesting that he sees this aspect as an "imaginary friend." I never had one of those - I've always just had a very externalized internal monologue. I consider this space to be an expression of that monologue as well as an extension of me. I don't really see it as a seperate entity. For all intents and purposes Bebere is me. And I am Bebere.

On a similar note - a few weeks back, Ann Althouse talked a bit about blogs anonymes. Complex beings that we are, this face forward can't do justice to what we are - messy, ugly sometimes, considerably less than perfect. Showing certain facets of ourselves, even (or perhaps especially) in this realm is not good practice. They are part of the whole, however, and may well need expression. To whom, though, and how?

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