Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Puh-DAY-doh Pancakes.

Today was the big employee luncheon, an event that I boycott every year.
Since there were a few other people who didn't attend as well, we put an order together for the local deli.

I asked my new colleague what he wanted and he answered, "potato pancakes." Very ordinary, yes - but the way he said it sent absolute shivers up my spine. I asked him to repeat his order. He did. I believe that he thought I was making fun of him. Not at all. Rough-tradey Jamie Curtis stand-in that I am, I've found that the Townie accent gives me such a frisson. Am I exploiting him?

You say puh-day-doh
I say potato.
You say tomato
I say to-mah-toh.

Puh-day-doh, potato
Tomato, to-mah-to:
let's call the whole thing off!


Nick said...

Dare I ask why you boycott the employee luncheon every year?

Be said...

Yes, but I'm not going to answer you here. (snort)