Friday, June 17, 2005

Showered with gifts

Harry recently brought in a copy of an album by a "Sexy old dog" of a blues singer. All I can say is that I'm still pondering the philosophical implications of "getting one's wheat creamed."

My not-so-new-anymore coworker made my day today, first by getting me the heck out of here for lunch, and then with a copy of School of Rock. Could have kissed him, but would probably have ended up in the HR office for it.

Last weekend, maybe, I had the lucky chance to find in my travels an album by a group that could well be considered the antithesis of Takemitsu. This stuff is just too rich for words.

Hal added to my collection of souvenir trivets (don't laugh - I inherited them from my Grandma!) by finding a gorgeous USS Constitution one from the 1960s.
I really should get him to take a picture of the kitchen wall. It's impressive to see all the places that she'd visited when she was able to.

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