Saturday, June 04, 2005

Technically it's late, but I'm up pretty early for a girl who had a bunch of drunken Tufts students playing wiffle ball out her window until the wee hours of the petit matin. Last night, I coerced Pablo into taking me out on errands. At the big Target in Wellington, I got a pretty party dress, some basics from off the clearance rack (how can a girl go wrong with $2 shirts and $4 skirts?), and a garment rack. I told Pablo that he wasn't going to leave without at least one pair of pants (more on this later).

From there, we hit the Home Depot for topsoil, pitmoss (as my neighbor calls it), large pots for the tomatoes, some clippers and a fan trellis for the front rose bush.

Last weekend was pleasant, but this one is just what we've been waiting for garden-wise: hot (in the high sixties-low seventies), dry, sunny. Perfect for clearing out last year's dead, the weeds that had an amazing growing season up till now, a bigger-than first thought ant hill. The kettles of boiling water having not worked, we're going to try borax and see if that resolves the situation.

Hopefully the weather will hold up today, as this afternoon we're going to try a short hike somewhere nearby (the Blue Hills, maybe?). Tomorrow, if all goes well, we're going to head up to Monadnock. Finally.

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