Friday, June 17, 2005

Around the world and back in blogs

Boy, there's a lot of good reading out there today. Here are just a few items I glanced at and figured I'd recommend:

Sissy Willis talks about good statesmanship, contrasting GWB with Senator (crazy talk) Durbin. She also chronicles the trials she's been having in creating a hard copy archive of her blog. (Hmm, maybe she should "call the cops!")

Neo-Neocon has a handy guide to Northern New Englanders for all you folks "from away."

Always sensible Nick (don't stare at his shoes or his car bumper, girls! Look up at him, gosh darnit! I'm telling you, he's a keepah.) comes up with a great solution as to how to proceed with a WTC monument: give it time. To wait for the furore and politics to simmer down a bit. This is largely why the Catholic Church's canonization process is so lengthy, by the way.

Over to Blighty, via Nappy. (Warning, the language is RAW.)

Funny to have to go all the way to Austin, TX for the latest news on our governor up here. (See also this article from last week's Weekly Standard.)

Pablo sent me an incredible article by Hitch on a recent trip to Iran with its "as-ifs" that really need to be realities. I was particularly struck by the fact that he in chatting with Ruhollah Khomeini’s pro-American grandson Hossein and with Reza Pahlavi, son of the late king, he found that both would like to end the Islamic Republic.

More clarity from Victor Davis Hanson.

Jonah Goldberg has an hommage to his father who recently passed away. Think good thoughts for them.


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