Monday, June 06, 2005

It's been not quite two weeks since I gave up caffeinated coffee - probably the only vice I have (I drank a lot: 6-7 cups a day). Ordinarily, the headaches would be awful, but since I had other miseries, I didn't really notice them. Interesting now are the attempts by my body to adapt to the lack of chemical stimulants: though I'm less on edge, my stomach's not so upset all the time and sleeping through the night is no longer a problem, I'm noting that I do feel fatigued during the day, I don't have the focus I used to (sort of feel dreamy or muzzy-headed most of the time), and have been needing to sleep more than the usual 7-8 hours/night. I wonder how long this state will last. On one hand, the light vagueness is kind of pleasant, on the other, it's not very conducive to productivity. I'd like to be able to sleep less, too, as my time to myself is either early morning or late at night. Those hours are gone for the time being - and I used to get a lot of truly productive (as opposed to the stuff I do for a living) work done. Guess I have to just be patient and see where this takes me.

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