Thursday, June 23, 2005


It seems as though my numbers came in in the Karmic Lottery last night:

First, I got caught in a short, strong downpour that happily produced a rainbow.

At about halfway through my walk home, I looked down and found something sparkly - turned out to be a diamond ring.

When I got home, the best dinner in the world (that actually became the best breakfast a girl could ever hope for): a bit of frittata made from hot and sweet peppers from Raphaella's garden sandwiched between slices of fresh scali bread.

While going through my mail later on, I found a check from the state DOR that I'd totally forgotten about (tax refund!). Generally I get very happy when I find a dollar in my pocket at the beginning of the winter coat season. Nice as that is, this was exponentially better.

Then an unexpected phone call from un ami de loin who is planning a visit soon.

For the moment, yes, I am queen of my world.

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