Thursday, June 16, 2005

The road is calling; I feel my feet turning west towards...the Central Leatherstocking District. No, really. CNY is hopping in the summer, so it might be fun to take a roadtrip.

Let's see:

Brouwerij Ommegang, which makes the best Belgian beer outside of Belgium is inviting Belgium to Cooperstown for the weekend of 15-17 July. Since I don't see getting back to Belgium anytime soon, might be fun to let the mountain come to Mohammed out in Central New York.

Glimmerglass (Tanglewood for Opera?) has performances of two operas by a couple of favorite French composers: Le Portrait de Manon by Massenet and Poulenc's La Voix Humaine. I've not seen either of these live, and am not at all familiar with Massenet's sequel to Manon. I'd be particularly interested in that, as his music made that awful story by the Abbe Prevost actually tolerable.

How could one spend any Cooperstown and not visit either the Baseball Hall of Fame or Howe Caverns? Haven't been to the caverns in years. Need to remedy that.

Hal and I both have family out there, too, whom we've not seen in way too long. Would be fun to get to see them as well.

Hmm, this almost sounds like a plan.

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