Monday, June 13, 2005

If the shoe doesn't fit...

Yes, he is a disturbed man. I've been struggling to reconcile the pop icon of my youth with this disfigured, disconnected-from-reality shell of a person who has taken his place. Could he have hurt a child at some point? Possibly. Would he? Who's to say? Probably not? Maybe not? I hope not? In any event - reasonable doubt on my part, plus the two words "Fells Acres" (when I heard of some of the outlandish stories being told by the plaintiffs) came to mind.

I hope that Jackson gets the help that he needs. I hope that he's learned a lesson from this. I also hope that there are some serious changes in what goes on over at Neverland, too. The last thing you need is some sort of group home program run by someone who probably should be in a home themselves.

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