Friday, June 17, 2005

After the blistering heat and unrelenting sun last weekend, we got respite in the form of four days of cool, damp (though a bit on the drab-side) weather. It's been nice to not feel awful in clothes, to be able to sleep under the covers and to have my animals not crying for potentially smothering hugs.

Since my roommate's seldom around (and will be gone for good in another week), Ampersand's been spending more time in my room. Last night, she even slept the night with me - a first. I think that she might have had a nightmare, though: my first look at my face in the mirror showed me that I had a long scratch just below my lip, extending across the length of it. Coverup sort of worked, but it's still pretty noticeable. At least by the coworkers who greeted me this morning with inquiries as to whether or not I "pissed the cat off."

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Nick said...

Brings all new meaning to the phrase "pussy whipped".