Monday, June 20, 2005

"iPods and PlayStations are replacing pets"

Hal sent me the above link with the following comment:

"Time to come out with iMamasan. Remember the robot dog in Woody Allen's Sleeper?
Virtual pets I'm sure can simulate a "woof woof" here and a "meow,
meow" there, but certainly not be able to provide the emotional bond
which one develops with a pet."

Who needs emotional bonds when you can have a lot of cool, replaceable gadgets?


Mark said...

Hey, who has to choose? I've got my X-Box and my beagle (though the beagle doubtless would prefer the X-box gone - time spent playing video games is less quality puppy time)...

Be said...

I guess it's kind of annoying to me to see actual interactions with others being replaced by technologically-enhanced ones. My roommate sits in his room all the time with his messenger and his online games. I go to a cafe and am surrounded by people with iPods and chatting on their laptops.

By the way - when I'm writing at the computer - both my cats take turns trying to knock each other (and my hands) off the keyboard. They're total attention sluts. Would love to see the computer gone.