Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I have these in my garden at home - not sure what they are, only know that the flowers are tiny (like 1/2" in diameter) and their color jumps out at you like a spark. I wonder if these aren't some sort of tradescantia. Posted by Hello

Wonderful! My flower guardian angel tells me that it is actually a Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria). Thank you, Sissy!


Anonymous said...

Hi, doll . . .

That looks like Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria) to moi. Best book for you (IMHO)would be Newcomb's Wildflower Guide.

As always, stunning photos.

Be said...

Hello, Flower Guardian Angel! Like I said - we're very weak in the taxonomy department. Last time we went along the Mystic, we ended up at a Whole Foods where Hal spent like 20 minutes trying to look up what we'd seen in a field guide there!

So that is a type of dianthus that sort of just took up residence in my yard this spring. Nifty! I'm still looking for a spiderwort, but this little volunteer has me tickled pink!


Thank you for the recommendation: someone's got a birthday coming up soon, and I think you might have made.