Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You know what's amazing, too? No matter how many storms we get over the course of the winter and in spite of the fact that this is an urban area, people never fail to engage in panic buying frenzies. It was no fun last night having to wade through carts full of bread, cookies, muffins (people will grab anything when staples run out), milk, water, etc, just to get my container of ricotta and my seltzer. The last snowfall like this was a little over a week ago, for crying out loud. Do I sound like a crank? I am, and I'm sorry. It's just that the educated segment of the population with apparently no short term memory (or would it be long term potentiation of short term memory...or how about long term potentiation of any scrap of common sense?) really floors me sometimes. They let these people have drivers licenses (another rant which you will hear soon enough after I get to work...if I get to work, ¡ojala!) and voting rights, too. Incredible.

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