Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Strange Bedfellows?

Found this article on the uncomfortable association between disabled rights groups and the classic "right to life" groups. Uncomfortable, but possibly necessary (?), as this IS a right-to-life issue: after all, why should we bother with programs to help the disabled when we could just save a lot of time, resources, grief on providing them with the "dignity" of death?


I'm sorry, but I find this to be just ghoulish. For crying out loud, she's not even dead yet.


Of course, with regards to "strange bedfellows," - the worst possible thing anyone could do to kill their cause is to cozy up with the fringe elements. I think of the Democratic Party and the Antiwar movement as sterling examples of how to shoot yourself in the foot PR wise.

Will be interesting to see what comes of the right to life movement, which *really* has to toe the line, as the media are pretty strongly bent against them and anything that smells of religion.

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Nick said...

What seems strange to me about this is that he's offering to prove that she was in PVS after she's dead... when there are diagnostic tests that would prove beyond any doubt that she's in PVS while she's still alive. An MRI or a PET scan (which to my knowledge has never been performed) would do the same thing.

What if the autopsy finds she wasn't brain dead? Oops. That's what I find stupid.