Thursday, March 31, 2005

Spring is busting out all over!

Work was worthless on Monday, since they were setting up some new cubicles next to mine and I felt for all the world like I was in the front row at an Eintstuerzende Neubaten show. Since no one in charge figured it mattered enough to tell my boss, she was rather unpleasantly taken by surprise. Let us go home early as a result.

What's a girl to do on a spring day with the gift of a couple extra hours? Treat herself to a day of beauty, of course. (Actually, I really needed a haircut, as was looking pretty shaggy.) Chez Orize in Union Square looked like it wasn't too busy, so I just stopped in and let them take care of me. I love Orize, as she doesn't force me to chat with her and she understands my hair (Fine but curly, nappy if I'm not careful). Since it was so quiet, the shampoo woman massaged my scalp and neck such that I ended up falling asleep while getting my hair washed. Got my usual sensible cut followed by Orize's liberal complimenting of my haircolor for a sum that was so small as to be ridiculous. With the money I saved from this lovely bit of luxury, I headed over to Target to look at what nice spring stuff might have ended up on the clearance rack. Found two very nice blouses, one in the color of magnolia petals, the other like the tulips I posted below for less than it would cost to buy myself lunch (sadly, they were too large on me, so I gave them to a coworker). Happy with my new haircut and retail therapy (also got a cat toy), I made my way home to my pleasantly surprised animals and a rainstorm that I'd just missed by seconds. All before 5:00 pm, too. Wonderful.

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