Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mating Season.

Since it really started feeling like Spring at the beginning of the week, I broke out some of the more seasonally appropriate wardrobe. On Tuesday, I wore a non-Mennonite-looking skirt and stopped traffic in Union Square (not difficult, actually) for the first time this year. Some guy in a silver Jetta was paying more attention to my bipedal nature than where he was supposed to be going and ended up not signalling a very wide left turn onto Somerville. (Oops!)

On the way home from work last night, I got a real corker:
Heading out of Union Square, I heard someone rapidly approaching me from behind. Sensed a white, brush-cut head in my periphery, then heard a voice in my ear ask, "so, did you do a lot of athletics in college?" Gave him my best 'what on earth are you talking about, you lunatic' look. Grinning at me, he passed by, shrugged, then slapped his behind hard. Took off after that.

Gosh, I love being a girl!

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