Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today, the earliest of the earlies went out. After cleaning up a bit (someone spit an awful lot of chewing gum into the front flowerbed: not only is it gross, but you can't compost it.) out front and on both sides of the house, I planted:

-one envelope of snow peas (the one from Chinatown that I couldn't read)
-one envelope of some blue kale from last year
-one envelope of sorrel
-1/2 an envelope of something called "French breakfast radishes." (I don't know that I'd eat them for breakfast, but they have some killer short maturing period - 25 days, maybe?)
-forget me nots ("great border plant!" -says the envelope.)

After I got these guys into the dirt, I swept up and went back in. Couldn't stand it inside, however, so went back outside to have coffee. Raphaella, who was hanging laundry, stopped what she was doing to come over and tell me that I was crazy because I wasn't cold. (Well, yes, I am out of my tree, but I don't think it's because I'm warm blooded.) We traded Happy Easters and she went back into her house for a bit. Came back with a plate of Easter cookies (lemon drops and pizzelle -anise!). I'm so looking forward to the warmer weather when I can spend even more time outside with the dirt, the flowers, my neighbors. Right now I feel like I need this more than ever.

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