Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Effing Monday

Two nights of horrible, troubled, sleep (The cats know when to bail; unfortunately other humans aren't so smart or lucky.). Don't know what was causing so much turmoil that I was waking myself up from flailing. Finally just got tired of this and left bed at around 5:00 this morning to make some lemonade out of lemons (I save the lemons out of lemonade for my coworkers). Did the first run of the season and since I hurt my knee and, you know what? It felt pretty good. My left knee did not get loose, my right foot did not cramp, and in spite of all the problems I've been having breathing of late (part of why I was up - choking. Wondering if it wasn't a panic attack. Hmm.), I didn't wheeze or seize up once.

I'm following the counsels provided here in order to get started again. They've served me well in the past and I can see it working again, provided I remember to take it easy at first.

There are worse things to occupy one's insomniac hours with. Being out and about just as dawn is breaking is a beautiful thing. It's not quiet by any stretch in the city, but there is less traffic. The sunrise was glorious this morning, too.

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