Saturday, March 12, 2005

What's doin' on a snowy day in Somerville

Not much, really. Scrubbed the floors, shoveled snow and tried to keep the front steps de-iced.

Knitted a rose, tried to felt it but it fell apart. Back to the drawingboard, I guess.

Stretched a bit, danced. Worked a bit on technic, then just let myself go to this.

Listened to lots of music. I don't know what it was, perhaps Hal's old reference to my tea mugs being "hero mugs," but that got me started with Die Meistersinger. After that, turned on the radio to Mahler's Sixth and Strauss's Vier Laetzte Gesaenge. Really needed to hear the Titan, then.

Bought some stuff online - a book on felting technique and a subscription renewal. It was on the Interweave page that I found this interesting < a href="">profile. Sound crazy? Not really. The only way I could afford cachemire yarn was by getting the recycled stuff. I figure that I must have saved something like $400-$500 by purchasing unravelled yarn.

Got my first issue of the Weekly Standard. Found an interview with Victor Davis Hanson. Those of you who know me understand my feelings about him.

Happened upon this little blurb...the IgNobels are now on tour - what fun! If you're able to, do go check them out. They're a hoot.

Am currently engrossed in this CD. I was originally a bit sceptical about Ziporyn's original compositions for gamelan, but have to say that I am now completely won over. I'm particularly enthralled by Tire Fire.

Off to dinner and a movie. I'm told we're having ham and that the movie's Pepe le Moko. Enjoy your evening; I know I will mine.

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