Monday, March 14, 2005

One of those days.

Nearly 12 hours in the office on something like three hours' worth of sleep: quelle aventure rocambolesque. Got home at around eight and have been dealing with a headache that just.won't.quit. I wanted to mention a few things, however, before turning in:

Norm Geras's music poll results are in. Of course, the top three results are no-brainers, just like the top ten in any album-rock-oriented poll. Back at the music store, it wasn't the top ten that interested us so much as the next 20 or so groups. Likewise here (I went Eastern Bloc, by the way).

Hargo is auctioning images of his Somerville Gates. After this weekend's purchase, I'm afraid that this is a bit too rich for my blood, but the proceeds do go to some good local organizations. If you've the disposable income, you want a bit of "domestic environmental art" history and you want to support a worthy cause - why not consider going for it on these?

Finally - I only just got around to noting that the weekly Carnival of the Recipes is up over at pamibe. Go check out what's cooking; there's lots of really yum stuff.

Okay, it's bedtime for Be. I've had it. Sweet dreams to you. Hopefully the same for me. (sigh)

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