Friday, March 04, 2005

Part of my morning ritual is to stand at the kitchen sink and stare out the window while sipping my first coffee of the day. It's quiet, it's still, there's nothing distracting. Often, while fixed on the neighbors' door and wall, I find myself meditating a bit, steeling myself for the onslaught of the work day.

Today, my meditations were interrupted when the door opened and three pugs cascaded down the steps into the yard. I wondered for a minute if I wasn't still in bed dreaming I saw this, it was so odd. I knew that my neighbors had one pug. Don't know where the others came from.

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(image by Dog Art Dog)


Nick said...

Come now... I don't have to teach you about the birds and bees now do I? Where do you think the other pugs came from? ;)

Be said...

Uhhh....spontaneous regeneration? There was only one before - Isabelle. An Australian shepherd named Margaret lived upstairs. Could be one of those "Boston Marriage" arrangements.