Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I the way these folks' minds work.

Returning the prepaid junk mail envelopes filled with actual junk was the act that really caught my eye, since we've had to get a shredder to deal with all the garbage with personal information we receive.

I do kind of enjoy figuring out ways to use up the shredded paper (cat litter, packaging material...heck, I'm even experimenting with papier mache), but lately it seems that we're filling the bin faster than we can use up the shreds. It seems such a waste, too, to toss all that perfectly good paper out. Maybe I could start taking the shredded applications and mailing them back to the vendors.

-via Daniel Drezner

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Sandi said...

There is a better way Be. A little secret my mail-lady told me about 12 years ago when I was in business for myself. One that the postal service doesn't want you to know.

Just mark "REFUSED" on the envelope, and put it back in/on your mailbox. As long as the mail is unopened, the mailperson has to return it to the sender.

The lower class mail like flyers, etc the postal service can throw away, but first class mail they are required to return to sender.

That is how I got off of AARP's mailing list. (AARP, in case you're too young to be subjected to its direct-mail barrage, is the discount-club-for-people-over-50 formerly known as the American Association for Retired Persons) I think they bristle when they have to pay return postage.