Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bad hair day

I don't like doing this, but this morning, I had to leave the house with a wet head. Ali at the Quickie Mart yelled at me for my foolhardiness, given that the temperature was in the single digits and I was still recovering from my illness.
At work, after I'd combed my hair out, I noted how outgrown the layers were and how styleless, flat, blaaah it all looked.

Karen (my boss), told me that the cutest the hair ever looked to her was when I'd had it cut short the week before the big Deer Isle trip last summer. (I have taken to getting a not quite "wiffle" type cut, as there's no running water at camp and it just makes life easier.) Hal (like most men), likes it longer. He's seen pictures of me, in fact, from my old days at the music store, where the hair went down past my shoulders (think old Virgin Records logo).

I'm struggling a bit now as to what to do. Part of me would like to lop all the hair off again, both for the change and for the ease of care. Another part would like to grow the hair back. Like that, I'd have more options: keep the hair long, or make it 'short' by putting it up. Maybe I should keep it longer, too, so that I have the extra protection against the elements.

Decisions,'s not like the free world's fate relies on my hairstyle choice. I'm actually kind of annoyed at pondering so long and hard about such a trivial detail. Any reasonable ideas?


Nettie said...

I'm personally a fan of long hair, it has more options...but just don't do anything that you might hate and have to take a long time growing out. Maybe cut it in stages, go slow and see what you think?

Nick said...

I have to agree with Nettie... be careful. Granted I think that some women can pull off short hair... the host of Trading Spaces for instance (Yum... and she's pretty muscular too, must be from moving furniture). Sorry, got off topic there. Anyway, I don't think it's something you should go into all willy nilly. Not that my opinion really matters though. ;)

Be said...

Thanks for your input! I've no fear of getting, say, a Mia Farrow cut, as I've had that before. (put some links in so you can sort of see) I've also had the hair down to the be-hind thing. Right now, it's in a transitional, growing out the silly layers I got last summer phase and it's making me crazy.