Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dirty Bomb Threat?

Four Chinese and two Iraqis dumped over the Mexican border in California.
Nuclear material to follow. Of course, there is a single anonymous source reporting this, nothing's been corroborated, and the source isn't coming forward.
Either this is a case of some illegal immigrants screwing their Mexican connection over, so s/he's getting back at them, or things could potentially get a bit warmer than what's considered seasonable here. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Winds of Change has been keeping an eye on what's going on with this.

The big question everyone's been asking, it seems, is "does it all add up?" I don't rightly know myself, given that there's just so little information and it's all being recycled over and over again. One thing I do think is kind of foolish is the notion that this may well be a hoax or whatever, given that they've put the names of the four Chinese people through the criminal databases and this has turned up nothing. How many of the 9/11 perpetrators had criminal records before then? How many current operatives here and abroad have criminal records?

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