Friday, January 28, 2005

I Hate eBay.

Warning: Hormone-induced rant below.

I wanted a new pair of birkenstocks. Everybody told me to go to eBay. I found one pair in my size (one pair!). They weren't very pretty, but when you have a man's shoe size, you take what you can get.

Since I don't use eBay much (just to buy yarn and some antique ceramic stuff every now and again.), I had a bunch of information to update with that and PayPal. In eBay, it looked as though the changes took. Since I could not even access my PayPal account to make changes, I just closed it and attempted to open another. No luck. It wouldn't take my credit card number because it was "in use in another account." (The cancelled one.) I'll be d@mned before I get another credit card to facilitate their dysfunction, so I started to try the bank account thing. The notion that these jokers who couldn't coordinate info between open and closed accounts or email addresses (I signed up with the new email address, but somehow stuff was reverting back to the old one) would have my bank information kind of nerved me out, though, so I stopped that process. Decided to forget about the whole incident.

Got an email today for the shoes I attempted to buy earlier this month. Tried again to get things coordinated - but the shoe store uses some German company called "MarketShare" which hooks up to PayPal and won't let me get to the shoes to pay for them because PayPal, in spite of my opening a new account with a new email address, is still sending stuff out to the old, closed address and won't take my credit card info. Finally got disgusted, sent off a nasty email to eBay (who freezes your account for 180 days before closing it - you find this out after you make the two requests to close the thing), to PayPal, and a letter cancelling my order to the shoe store. All this took me roughly an hour to "accomplish" this morning. I am grumpy as all get out and I really want to go on a nervous eating binge. B@stards.


About an hour after I contacted the shoe store to tell them to cancel my order, I got an email back stating that there were several payment options:

1.) PayPal (upon which I'd gone on a lengthy diatribe in my original cancellation note)
2.) Mailing a money order.

I went off on the respondant for that. There is no way in hell I am schlepping out to buy a money order to mail them. I might as well go to a d@mn shoe store in Harvard Square and pay full effing price for the d@mn shoes, as my time (which doesn't come cheap) that I've wasted up to this point has driven up the cost of the fricking ugly hippie sandals to way past what they'd cost in a brick-and-mortar.

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