Monday, January 24, 2005

For the love of God, please shovel your sidewalks...

I know you've got other things to're a busy professional, you were watching the game, whatever. So aren't I and so didn't I, for crying out loud, and I managed to clear out the walks last night. It wasn't difficult, given how light the snow was.

When you decide to not clear your walk out, that means that I and scores of other pedestrians have to walk in the street. We don't like to do this in good weather, given how bad the average Boston driver is. After a storm, it's even worse: the parking bans are generally ignored, so there's only so much plowing that can be done. Narrow streets are made even narrower, and the Upwardly Mobile in their trophy trucks come out in force. Offroad vehicles are great off road but they don't belong in the city - especially when driven by people who don't know how to manage them in inclement weather. There's very little we can do about the skidding Escalades and Hummers except avoid them. Your shovelling assures us safe passage for a bit. So please, please, either clear out the sidewalks or pay the kid across the street to do so for you. It's not just some toothless unenforced law, it's basic consideration for other people's safety, and believe me, we appreciate it.

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