Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Groundhog Day

Woke up, made my coffee, showered, got out the door, shoveled a bit, stopped to chat with my neighbor Hank, headed down the street to work. Met my other neighbor and coworker, Sharon, who was cleaning her car. She offered me a ride in; I accepted. Got to work, crunched reports, got let out early. Walked up Cambridge Street to Inman Square to mail my drivers license renewal, continued down the street. (Noted that Cambridge plowing is garbage compared to Somerville's. Many side streets were plowed in by the trucks' wake from Cambridge Street.) Heard a honk; saw Sharon again. She gestured for me to get in with her. I did (promised to bake her a cake for all the rides). She dropped me off at the foot of my street and I headed up to home. Got in, grabbed my shovel to take care of the driveway. (Turns out, the porch and the front walk were done! Raphaella admitted to that. She also baked me some pizelle - anise! My favorite.) Saw Hank again, shoveling. He hollered across the snowbanks and street that this was like déjà-vu "all over again." I laughed; we continued our work. Wished each other a good night (boy, have we been sleeping well from all this physical exertion! Another unexpected benefit: I'm actually hungry! Usually I just eat so as not to pass out.), and made a date for the same place tomorrow morning.

Boston as a whole aggravates me, but I do love my street.

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