Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Chilly. I'm shivering. My little Yahoo météo says that tomorrow's high will be 16 and the low will be zero. Doesn't help. I really need to plastic up this little window in my room. Fold laundry, sweep, take a shower, knit, hit the hay. When I get under the quilt, I'll stop shivering. Hopefully no more dreams tonight. I dreamt again last night - this time someone was trying to get into my house. It was after midnight and they kept circling the house, ringing the doorbell, knocking on windows and doors. Of course I wasn't going to let them in; no one I know would come bothering me late at night, and I certainly wasn't going to give entry to a stranger then. I hate it when my brain throws this dream at me because, no matter how many times I check my door to make sure that it's locked, no matter how compactly I try to ball myself up and then burrow me under the covers, I still can't get rid of that awful feeling that someone's going to get in and murder me in my bed.

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