Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Something Rotten in Denmark.

Or, more to the point, Sweden, maybe.

Wow. Hal, who's a graphic artist, had applied for a prepress position at the Metro recently after noticing a (fairly rare) position opening in his line of work.
A few days later, the rumor mill at his job was churning about the Metro having a big shakeup around here (they're an international chain of free papers - I've found other 'localized' copies of them in other US cities, as well as in Toronto - always thought of it as a 'USA Today' lite kind of paper you could read during a short commute, and, yes, an alternative to the Herald and the Globe), that a lot of the staff were leaving due to a potential buyout by the Globe. Now, I had told him that I thought it foolish that the Globe attempt this sort of thing, since it was already subsidiary of the NYT and why would they need another foot in here. On further thinking, yes, I guess it would give NYT well, maybe not quite a monopoly on the printed news in this region. Yesterday, on picking up my morning coffee at the corner store, I noted the Racist Comments stuff splashed across the front page of the Herald. First thing that came into my mind was that perhaps we're seeing a typical Boston (ugly) attempt by someone (the Herald?) at scuttling the competition a bit. I don't really know much more than what I've seen in the Herald or Instapundit, for that matter, but it'll be interesting to see how this unfolds.


Curioser and curioser. The Herald's filed an anti trust suit against the NYT corporation. The Herald reports on a shakeup at the Metro, too.

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