Monday, January 31, 2005

So far, it's been a nice day off. Pablo came over, and we wandered over to Kelly's Diner in Ball Square for breakfast. On the wander back, I ran into Raphaella who started dressing me down for not being at work. I explained that it was my birthday, and that there was no better reason than that to take a day off from the grind. She gave me a hug and told me that I look more like a kid than a 34 year old. Ended up accompanying her back to Ball Square so that she could drop something off at the tailor's. Of course, since the lady who runs the dry cleaner/tailor shop is Italian, they ended up having a lengthy discussion about (and this is what I could gather) the relatives in Canada, why a jacket would come with the pockets sewn shut, how kids today were fat because they always filled up on bread and didn't eat enough other, healthier stuff and in smaller portions, etc, etc. (Kind of sounded like my Grandma Z at the Broadway Market back when I was a kid). Afterwards, Raphaella apologized for speaking Italian, but I told her that it was good exercise for me, since, though no parlo molto, comprendo un poco, ed amo molto ascoltare la lingua. She said that it was actually hard to understand the dry cleaner lady, as she comes from Sicily, which has a much different dialect from what Raphaella grew up with. Headed home - she stopped by my house to give me some curtains she was going to get rid of (nice sheer panels with a bit of gold embroidery. Will go up in Spring) and I gave her some seeds I picked up for her while down on the cape.

I'm pondering a nap now, and am trying to decide whether or not I should call the doctor about a slight pain in my side. I'm almost certain that it's not my appendix, as it's on the left side (and isn't a reflective pain as far as I can tell.) Heck, I'll probably call the doctor anyways, as I need to make an appointment for a physical, anyway. It's just such a pain to schlep down to Chinatown to have a check up when it's cold out and I just feel like hanging around in the neighborhood.

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Nick said...

Braggart! Damn you people with your days off! ;)