Sunday, January 09, 2005

Was kind of a quiet weekend. The first in ages, it seems.

As the weather was pretty terrible, did lots of homey sorts of stuff: cooking dinners, watching movies, attempting to take up neglected needlework projects. Today, since Hal had to work, I played White Tornado and even managed to get the Christmas decorations down.

Haven't done a numbers thing in a while, so, here goes:

# of films watched: 3
# of films scanned through: 3
Loaves of bread baked: 2 (yeasted, no less!)
# of loads of laundry washed: 7
# of times I had to get out and shovel: 3
# of knitting projects finished: 2

It's killing me how tired out I've been of late. I know that it's partly the lack of sun, partly work, partly my inability to exercise as I'd like to be able to right now - two of the three things being out of my control, yes.

This dark time of year is powerful, but short. I'll get through it; have done so for how many years, now?

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