Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Somerville is the Rome of Boston, after all.

Like Rome, it rests on seven hills: Clarendon, Cobble, Ploughed, Prospect, Spring, Walnut and my hill, Winter. (Cobble and Ploughed, in case you were wondering, were carted off and now make up what's known as the Back Bay.) Like Rome, there are lots of Italians, too.

Apparently, though, the similarities go even further. According to Pablo, who's lived here much longer than I and knows all about these sorts of things, Somerville has its own little creation myth complete with twins and wolves:

Mythical twin founders of Somerville...with the little B!TCH wolf.

You know their names, of course: Somervilius, and Seamus (who was tragically whacked by the barbarian mob of Tumulus Hibernius, "Irish Hill," commonly and mistakenly called Tumulus Hibernus, "Winter Hill").

I love being surrounded by all this history.

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Pablo said...

Spring Hill roolz!!!

(Authentic site of the Lair of the Little B!tch Wolf!)