Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yes! Red Meat for Red Staters!

I've been privy to conversations with a few of those who find this burger to be "food porn" and who've had some serious vapors over it. I'm sure that many of their forebears were putting women into the stocks for dancing, too.

(Check out the ad. Pretty straightforward and to the point. Demographic's down cold. In fact, I'm sure that I've known a few vegans in my time who would have absolutely no objection whatsoever to this campaign.)

-(via Instapundit, mais oui.)


Nick said...

Nothing like a company who produces something the people want, is honest about what it is, isn't ashamed of it, and doesn't back down just because others says it's bad.

Why is everyone so afraid to treat people like actual adults?

Be said...

Oh, just another case of the 'elect' figuring they've got all the answers, I guess. When I mentioned that something with that many calories might be eaten by someone who actually needs the calories, it didn't register. These folks don't tend to hang with construction workers, warehouse workers, people who do manual labor for a living. Lots of other things too, like, not everyone having the same impulse control as, say, descendants of puritans, etc.

Anonymous said...

Do they do a veggie version?

Be said...

Snort! You know, that really would be good. Kind of defeating the purpose of the current marketing campaign, but still... Couple soy burgers, some of that soy bacon (which is, to me, anyway, better than the real stuff), all the veggies you could possibly want on it. Maybe something other than a white bread roll. Whole 'nother animal entirely, but I'd be all over it. More so than the original, in fact.