Monday, January 31, 2005

Call me a cockeyed optimist.

Not having been raised on TV, video games or any expectation of instant gratification, I guess I have a bit more of what's called patience. This isn't the end. It's a step towards it. There's a long way to go in the middle east (and in the rest of the world). A successful vote in Afghanistan can't be denied. The protesters in the Ukraine couldn't be silenced. Now we have these images from Iraq:

-Way to go, Rosie!

(I'm willing to cut the guy in the middle of this shot some slack for his Yankees cap.)


-the above two images are from Cigars in the Sand, a very interesting blog by a guy "on vacation" in Iraq.

(via Fox.)

Of course, there are those who will be calling this election a sham; who will say that the voting is for naught - that they, like the Ukranians and the Afghanis are voting for US puppets. All I can really say anymore on that line of reasoning is that it must be really sad to see evil behind all of this, to not understand the hope, the courage, the strength, the investment in one's future it took to go and assert themselves as all these people have done. We stand to learn a lot from them.

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