Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Another storm

We're getting something between 6" and 8" today - not nearly as severe as this past weekend's, but still enough to close the office early. Nobody really seems to mind, however, as what we're currently getting is covering up the already appearing skankiness on Saturday's/Sunday's snow.

I'm noting a bit of a carnival air in the office today, too. People seem to be in really good spirits. Noted this even before the word that we were going to be given early release. Karen, my boss, sent me the following:

Schnee is "snow" as in:

Das ist jetzt Schnee [m,sg] von gestern.
· It is all water under the bridge now.

den Schnee [m,sg] aufhäufen
· to drift the snow
· to drift the snow into heaps

eine Menge [f,sg] Schnee [m,sg]
· a great deal of snow

Er räumte den Vordereingang [m,sg] vom Schnee [m,sg] .
· He cleared the front entrance of snow.

Er strahlte wie ein Schneekönig [m,sg] .
· He beamed all over.

Geriesel von Schnee [m,sg]
· soft fall of snow

· frozen snow

Schnee [m,sg]
· snow

Schneeanzug [m,sg]
· snowsuit

Schneeanzüge [m,pl]
· snowsuits

Schneeball [m,sg]
· guelder rose
· snowball

Schneebälle [m,pl]
· snowballs

Schneeballschlacht [f,sg]
· snowball fight

Schneeballsystem [n,sg]
· pyramid sales system
· snowball sales system

Schneebank [f,sg]
· snow bank

· snowcapped
· snow covered

· snow blind

· snow blind

Schneebrille [f,sg]
· snow goggles

Schneedecke [f,sg]
· fleece

Schneefall [m,sg]
· snowfall

Schneefälle [m,pl]
· snowfalls

· The Snow Maiden

Schneeflocke [f,sg]
· snowflake
· snow flake

Schneeflocken [f,pl]
· snowflakes
· snow flakes

· soft fall of snow

· snow flurry

· snow flurries

Schneeglöckchen [n,sg]
· snowdrop

Schneeglöckchen [n,pl]
· snowdrops

Schneegrenze [f,sg]
· snow line

Schneegrenzen [f,pl]
· snow lines

Schneehuhn [n,sg]
· snow grouse

Schneehühner [n,pl]
· snow grouses

Schneehütte [f,sg]
· igloo

· snowily
· snowy

· snowy

· snowier

· snowiest

Schneekanone [f,sg]
· snow cannon
· snowgun

Schneekette [f,sg]
· snow chain

Schneeketten [f,pl]
· snow chains

Schneekettenschutz [m,sg]
· snow chain protection

· snow crystal weeks

Schneekufe [f,sg]
· ski

Schneekugel [f,sg]
· snow dome

Schneemann [m,sg]
· snowman

Schneemänner [m,pl]
· snowmen

Schneematsch [m,sg]
· slush

Schneemenge [f,sg]
· fall

· snow cat

Schneepflug [m,sg]
· snow plough
· snowplow

Schneepflüge [m,pl]
· snow ploughs

Schneeschläger [m,sg]
· eggbeater

Schneeschmelze [f,sg]
· melting of snow

Schneeschuh [m,sg]
· snowshoe
· snow shoe

Schneeschuhe [m,pl]
· snowshoes
· snow shoes

Schneesturm [m,sg]
· blizzard
· snowstorm
· snow storm

Schneestürme [m,pl]
· blizzards
· snow storms

Schneeverwehung [f,sg]
· snowdrift
· snow drift

Schneeverwehungen [f,pl]
· snow drifts

Schneewehe [f,sg]
· snowdrift

· snow white

Schneewetter [n,sg]
· snowy weather

Schnee [m,sg] wird im Winter [m,sg] in den Bergen fallen.
· Snow will fall in the mountains in the winter.

sich durch den Schnee [m,sg] kämpfen
· to flounder in snow

sich durch den Schnee [m,sg] quälen
· to flounder in snow

sichere Schneebedingungen [f,pl]
· safe snow conditions

sich freuen wie ein Schneekönig [m,sg]
· to be as pleased as Punch

Sie verkleidete sich als Schneewittchen.
· She dressed as snow-white.
· She dressed up as snow-white.

so glücklich wie ein Schneekönig [m,sg]
· as happy as a king
· as happy as a sandboy
· as happy as the day is long

so weiß wie Schnee [m,sg]
· as white as snow

zu Schnee [m,sg] schlagen
· to beat up

zu Schnee [m,sg] schlagend
· beating up

Use at your own risk.

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