Monday, November 29, 2004

What did we actually have this year?

I made:

plain bread stuffing, heavy on the celery and sage
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes (mashed with heavy cream, brown sugar, butter, fresh nutmeg)
blue hubbard squash mashed with turnip
green bean casserole
dilled carrots

Hal's aunt Julia brought:

cranberry sauce (cranberry package instructions)
pumpkin pie
green tomato mincemeat (my favorite)

Hal's cousin Andrew made:

the best gravy I've ever tasted

The turkey (got a Shaw's fresh one) was so fatty that I didn't feel so badly about it being slaughtered, as it would have died of heart failure soon anyway.
Someone should get a public health campaign together addressing morbid obesity in the domestic turkey population. I made soup from the carcass and was amazed at how schmaltzy
the broth ended up.

All in all, though, I think the meal turned out well.

A couple other highlights from the weekend were - the serendipitous macaroni and cheese (cheese ends melted in a roux of flour, olive oil, sauteed onion, and to which I added some fresh herbs. Tossed the whole thing with pasta, then stuck in the oven for 20 minutes with a light covering of more of the same cheese grated over it) and the Mexican (well, actually, Guatemalan, since that's where the chocolate came from) hot cocoa. (Andrew saw my molinilla and wanted to try it out.)

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