Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Stood in line at my polling place for a half hour this morning - boy was the line long. Happily, though, it moved quickly and I had my knitting along to keep me occupied. (Think I fascinated a couple kids with what I was working on.) Everyone was quick, pleasant - the policeman who helped me get my ballot into the reader was lovely. I love voting - it leaves me with this feeling of exhiliration not unlike I'd get after going to confession when I used to do that.

I definately feel like a lone voice, however. Not only at work, but in my neighborhood as well. I could be wrong, as most people who are voting as I did tend to keep their mouths shut. There is also the prevailing assumption that if you're in a certain milieu/educational background, you're going to vote a certain way. Works for me.

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